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Bozeman Rental Group

Responsible Property Management

About Us

Bozeman Rental Group was established in 2016 to fill a growing need in the Gallatin Valley for responsible property management. Jeff Farve, founder and licensed property manager, brings experience in general construction, on-site construction management and commercial building maintenance to each property.

At Bozeman Rental Group, we help our owners make informed decisions about proper maintenance and repair so that they may protect property values and maximize returns. We also understand that timely accounting and communication with owners and tenants is key to a successful relationship in business. Our goal is to ensure a pleasant, worry-free experience for both tenant and owner.


Bozeman Rental Group is a property management firm dedicated to providing excellent service in both the residential and commercial real estate sectors.

We believe that relationships matter and are committed to delivering an elevated experience that will genuinely benefit our clients. By creatively anticipating needs, diligently listening to concerns and acting promptly, we ensure the legacy of the properties we manage.

Bozeman Rental Group is managing  my multi-tenant commercial properties.  Totally satisfied with their services.  Great company to work with.  Very professional.  Thanks, Jeff!

Richard E. Thomson

“If you get to know Jeff on a personal level you will find out that he is someone who strives for perfection. His family and home reflect this desire to have and be the best. Jeff brings this passion into everything he does. Before trusting him with our home we trusted him as a neighbor and friend. Take our word for it, Jeff will devout his all into managing your property as if it was his own.”

Dave and Stephanie Behan